The answer is yes.

For a while now I had this question in mind so as usual I started digging up. Everyone has wrapped their opinions around a certain belief system and mine is religion. I might not be highly practicing but when it comes to deciding right and wrong, Islam seals the deal for me.

My go to muftis are mufti menk and Asim Al-hakeem, they’re hands down the best when it comes to practicality of Islam. Listening to them about the topic further validated my opinion because according to our cultural standards, daughters once they’re married have no responsibility whatsoever regarding their parents as they’re now obligated to their husbands.

In Islam, taking care of parents isn’t an option for girls, it is as much of an obligation as it is for sons. Culturally it is frowned upon if a girl’s parents live with her but religiously it is okay. The rights of parents are mutually shared among the offspring hence the unnecessary burden on men in our society is totally cultural.

No matter who you marry..

No matter where you live..

Your jannah lies underneath your own mother’s feet and you are as responsible for taking care of your parents physically, emotionally and financially as your brothers. its time that we loosen the grip on this pathetic culture and grab on to real obligations.

A married daughter is entitled to cater her parent’s need without requiring anyone’s approval and no one has any right to stop her from doing so.
Fulfill your “TRUE” obligations !!

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Written By admin On November 20th, 2022

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