About Me

Hello Folks,

I believe art breathes its magic in every aspect of our lives. I have seen it. I have lived it.

I am Zainab, an artist, a mother and a pharmacist. An odd concoction of ingredients but isn’t it what art is all about. Increasing entropy of this universe in the most beautiful way possible.

I do not believe in taking pictures, I believe in making them. Being a collector myself, I move heavens to identify and capture the most special moments of my clients so that they can literally replay their special events through my shots. This is me being an event photographer.

Being a product photographer, I believe that if pictures do not reflect the story of the product, then the opportunity has gone begging. Therefore, I advise my clients to be brave in the creative process so that they can break away from the routine and embrace the uncommon.

With strong inclination towards Faiz and Habib Jalib’s poetry, I feel strongly about social issues and it reflects strongly when I cover the streets. I dabble with abstract painting as well as it is another way of increasing entropy of this mind-bendingly beautiful universe. That is pretty much it.